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Oct 3, 2012 4:30pm PDT
the data for today's jobs report: joel prakken, chairman of macro- economic advisers. you know, joel, we regularly get revisions on these kinds of statistics about the job market. so what is your take on the picture, the true picture of the job market? what do you think, is it perking up? >> recent data produced either by adp or the bureau of labor statistics suggests that employment is growing, but grudgingly slow. today's number, for example, from the adp national employment report of 162,000 gain in jobs in september would barely be enough, if enough, to push the unemployment rate down this month. so we're making progress, it's painfully slow. the hole we're in is very deep, we're climbing out at a very slow pace. we need to do more. >> susie: the number that is supposed to come out on friday most economists are pricting it will be around 128,000 new jobs created works the unemployment rate notching up to 8.2%. with the unemployment rate above 8%, what impact will that have on the outcome for the election? >> well, it wouldn't be a surprise if the unemployment rate was at 8% on friday
Oct 29, 2012 7:00pm PDT
.b.r.," chicago. >> tom: joel prakken is the chairman of macro-economic advisers. he is with us from st. louis. you heard the report on the potential of covered insurance damage. is a case of economic activity delayed or destroyed. >> well, all manner of economic activity will be delayed for a few days if not a few weeks. much of that will be made up within the fourth quarter. so fourth quarter gdp growth is likely to be little affected, i would say, by these delays. i would not be surprised, however, if macroeconomic advisors index of gdp by month fluctuates wildly down in october and wildly up in november. the storm will, however, destroy some productive ca approximatesity-- capacity. and the extent that ourca ss toits produce goo and services is undermined that will be a longer lasting restraint on gdp growth so the important question is how much productive capacity will b in fact destroyed. the granddaddy of all storms, of course n this regard i katrina. government estimates are that about a hundred billion dollars of the nation's capital stock was destroyed then. cbo estimated at the time
Oct 3, 2012 6:00am EDT
instant reaction from joel prakken. in corporate news, richard schultz is pressing forward with a possible $11 billion buyout of the retailer. schultz and at least four private equity firms have reportedly started examining the books of the economy. at the same time, he is said to be negotiating individually with the pe firms on the details of how his roughly 20% stake in the company would contribute and what role he might be playing after a buyout. and oracle ceo larry ellison says the company won't be making any major acquisitions during the next couple years. in an interview on "closing bell" yesterday, ellison said he is instead focused on growing organically. he also discussed the dividend. >> that's the decision of the oracle board of directors. i believe we'll gradually increase the dividend as opposed to dublg it or tripling it all at once. nothing dramatic. >> shares of oracle during the last year, take a look at it. 31.65. he's gotten close to the top there, joe. >> all right, andrew. thank you. >>> my stories don't deserve that music? okay. thank you. you know what? i'm so nervo
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)